1.- Do you want to use the video to promote your services?

2.- Do you want to document the development and evolution of a project?

3.- Do you want to register an event?

4.- Do you want to document a scientific process?

5.- Do you want to use the video but don’t know where to start?

6.- Do you understand the importance of video and don’t want to do it wrong?

You need someone with the skills to record, edit and post-produce your projects.

If you want to teach a courses, describe a process or maintain a presence in social networks, we can design a good strategy for you.

How can we make a video that suits your budget?

In no case can we specify a cost for audiovisual creation, many components come into play when making visual compositions such as the technique and resources that we should use to make each video, music, lighting, recording hours, editing and post-production or the conditions to achieve images among others.

Dialogue is the only way that will provide us with the necessary information to reach a convenient amount between the parties.

An analysis of your business will allow us to develop a strategy using video to communicate your needs, in the most productive way.

For each project we follow a series of consecutive steps that allow us to address a simple methodology of Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production and which we have divided into 7 stages:

  • Estimate.
  • Recording.
  • Sound & Music.
  • Edition.
  • Correction. (Customer review)
  • Post Production
  • Delivery.

The human brain processes images faster than texts

which means that the use of video raises the level of message retention and is therefore essential for any brand, product or service.

What are the video formats that we can offer you

  • Video documentary: it is the expression of an aspect of reality, shown in audiovisual form, images and sounds are organized according to the author’s point of view.
  • Video Clip: is a short film that offers a visual representation or interpretation of a song or a musical theme.
  • Video Marketing: is a marketing technique in which audiovisual material is used to promote a product or service.
  • Video for company or institutional: Explanatory or promotional piece that reveals the Corporate Identity of the company or institution, its activity, its values, facilities and its highlights.
  • Product or service video: Illustrates the characteristics and specifications of a product and / or service.
  • Advertisement or TV Spot: With an aesthetic structure more similar to cinema, it is intended for mass communication in a format presented as short micro stories.
  • Video of events, celebrations or events: It reports a corporate, institutional or personal event, can serve as a graphic testimony or as archival material.
  • Testimonial video: It consists of interviews and follow-ups that reflect the opinion and experience of users, customers, collaborators or experts about a product or service.
  • Didactic or training video: Fundamentally its purpose is educational, allows us to give advice, recommendations or pedagogically transmit practical and theoretical knowledge.
  • Video Report: Close to the documentary genre, it tells a story, chronicle or event with informative rigor and a clear informative intention.
  • Fashion Films: Audiovisual equivalent of the fashion catalog, aims to promote clothing collections, designers or brands.
  • Video FAQ: They serve to clarify the doubts that customers have about your company, product or service.

Why invest in video?

“Video is the most effective way to reach the heart of our customers”

What do the statistics say?

  • «More than 100 million Internet users consume video daily, 90% watch the videos of the brands that follow and 65% of them, visit the web after doing so, 50% of users share the videos online.»
  • “Video will continue to dominate IP traffic, representing 82% in 2021, from 73% accounted for in 2016. On a global scale, in four years there will be almost 1.9 billion video users on the internet, excluding mobile phones, and they will be consumed three billion minutes of video on the internet monthly, which means five million years of video monthly or one million minutes of video every second.
  • The video will represent 77% of all internet traffic in 2021, and 46 million minutes will be consumed each month. ”Source: (


What are the benefits of investing in audiovisual projects for your company?

  • 1) Connection between user and brand:
  • brands also sell because of the stories they tell and not only because of the attributes of their products or services.
  • 2) Excellent branding tool:
  • identification of the brand or company with a set of attributes associated with corporate social responsibility.
  • 3) Increase in the conversion ratio:
  • it is known that video influences the user’s purchase decision and even more so when it is associated with values that represent collective interests.
  • 4) Contribution to the SEO:
  • there is a set of keywords that contribute decisively and organically to gain visibility in search engines.
  • 5) Outreach action:
  • 90% of Internet users prefer to consume information through video.

Videos are more likely to be shared than any other content.

Video made for Itinerantes a.s.b.l in the presentation of JamSession in - The House Of Startups - Luxembourg -