Sports photography is one of the most complicated specialties within photography; Sports are fast-paced and unpredictable, so taking a proper photo is often a job that requires high doses of concentration and technical knowledge.

The job of a sports photographer is to document the best moments

The job of a sports photographer is to document the best moments, if you are not completely attentive you may not capture the stellar moments that are what really make the difference between a valuable image and one more image for the archive.

A sports photographer must be prepared at all times, the images are fleeting and there are no second chances, therefore, whoever is behind the lens must be completely connected with the moment and his camera must be part of his gaze.

Sports photography is as varied as it is sports.

it is not the same to photograph a boxing match than to document some female swimmers in a synchronized swimming competition under water, therefore the sports photographer must have the ability to reinvent himself and know a lot about Close the sports disciplines and their characteristics, since they are what will determine from the technological equipment, to the way of acting on the battlefield.


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