Have you thought about immortalizing your pet through a professional photo shoot?

We are the ones who can make your dream come true and provide you with a photographic portfolio of extraordinary quality.

Get a personalized line of products with the image of that loved one and eternalize that moment for a lifetime.

25 years of professional activity certify our experience!

The photographic service for pets is a job that requires a lot of patience, our colleagues are not always available for a stressful photo session with lights, people around them, etc.

As expert photographers of wild nature, we have developed a quick observation to capture that minimum moment in which “he or she” exposes its maximum beauty as a species and in the case of domestic animals and / or pets, we can consider aesthetically more projects. ambitious, since we can take the opportunity that their docile and empathetic nature offers us to control them on stage.

For business or family purposes, we can provide you with a photographic portfolio of extraordinary quality.

Some timely details for the photo shoot.

Contact with the pet and thus strengthen relationships.

  • Interact through play to build confidence and get some exercise. (This helps the serenity that we will later need when making the portrait)
  • The presence of his master is 95% recommended, thus, our model can feel confident.
  • Have personal accessories, toys, prizes, and anything else attractive on hand to keep their attention.
  • You can use blankets, baskets, suitcases or any object that the owner deems necessary to aesthetically enrich the photographs.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I have to book the pet photo session?
  • Yes, the ideal would be to book the photoshoot in advance, as this way we can organize the session without any hassle.
  • What do I need to bring to a pet photo shoot?
  • We recommend having their toys and treats on hand, this helps the pet feel more comfortable and confident, especially when it is in a new environment for them.
  • I have several pets, can they appear together?
  • Of course!. In short, it is possible to take a whole family photo!
  • Is the photography session only for house hold pets?
  • We can photograph exotic animals and other types of animals such as rabbits, hamsters, horses, guinea pigs and even fish and birds.

Equipment available for each session


  • Basic Plan – Session includes:

  • .- 5 photographs in digital format. (study)
    .- The extra photographs have a price of 15€.
    .- These sessions will be held only from Monday to Friday.
    .- When it is a gift, the session will be paid when receiving the gift card.
  • Premium Plan – Session includes:

  • .- 15 photographs in digital format. (study – exterior)
    .- Album of 25x25cm. (Printed)
    .- The extra photographs have a price of (15€ – extra digital photo).
    .- When it is a gift, the session will be paid when receiving the gift card.