Do you need a good portrait photograph?

In a world that is absolutely interconnected by the internet, where labor relations go through a first digital filter, portrait photography is your cover letter, therefore, you have the obligation to have the best portrait you can and that is where we come in group of image professionals who guarantee a portrait with adequate lighting, framing and digital retouching.

What are the two most important aspects of taking a good portrait photograph?

The differential element is the skin: its color and texture are the basis of a good portrait photograph, this requires an adequate knowledge of lighting and of course digital retouching.

Second, the eyes are the true mirror of the models personality and generally the selected point of focus.

They are the soul of the portrait.

We offer you our services to:

  • .- Portrait for book covers, indoors or outdoors.
  • .- Corporate portrait for the Annual Report.
  • .- Portrait photographs for the web, profiles and / or social networks (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram).
  • Do I have to book the photoshoot?
  • Yes, the ideal would be to book the photo session in advance, as this way we can organize the session without any hassle.
  • What do I need to bring to a photo shoot?
    We recommend having at least 3 changes of wardrobe and accessories on hand such as: necklaces, jewelry, bracelets and any element with which we can enrich each photograph.
  • Can I do the session with more than 2 or more people?
    Of course!. In short, it is possible to take a complete family photo!
  • Is the photography session only for professional models or actresses?
    We are used to working with professionals and inexperienced people in front of a camera.
  • Is it your first photo book?
    Don’t worry, we advise you on how to position yourself in each photograph during your entire photo session.
  • Outfit and accessories?
  • There is no outfit available, it is up to you to bring dresses and other accessories.
  • If the client needs or has a special request for the photographs, it must be announced in writing prior to the photo shoot.

Some details to keep in mind

  • .- All the photographic books have the orientation and direction of poses by our team.
  • .- Changes of costumes are provided by the client.
  • .- The photographic retouching is done with photoshop and includes: improvement of color, light and focus, cleaning of skins (spots, marks, others …)

Equipment available for each session

  • Basic Plan – Session includes:

  • Ideal for:
  • Social media, professional profiles, Linkedin, IG, Facebook, Twiter, others.
  • .- (5) photographs in digital format.
    .- The extra photographs have a price of 15€.
    .- These sessions will be held only from Monday to Friday.
    .- When it is a gift, the session will be paid when receiving the gift card.
  • Make-Up artist not include.
  • Premium Plan – Session includes:

  • Ideal for:
  • Ideal for modeling professional portfolio, makeup artist, stylists and artists.
  • .- (15) photographs in digital format. (study – exterior)
    .- The extra photographs have a price of (15€ – extra digital photo).
  • .- All photo shoots include (1) a post-correction.
    .- When it is a gift, the session will be paid when receiving the gift card.
  • Make-Up artist not include.
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