Digitise your knowledge

a service aimed at:

artists, scientists, coaches, joguis and ENTREPRENEURS in general...

Create VIDEOS to promote your activity

is a service oriented to entrepreneurs who want to PROFIT from their knowledge.

Do you want to know?

We help people to generate content based on their experience and knowledge.

- The methodology is very simple -

Schedule a call

We generate a conversation to listen to your project and your needs, so we know how we can help you to create your tailor-made service.

We define the idea

We create synergies to define the purpose and intention of the project, what we want, what we are looking for and what we need.

We work on the objectives

After organising the ideas in mutual agreement, we set the schedule of activities for the shoot to edit and post-produce all the content.

VIDEO can position you as an authority in your discipline
and you will be able to charge more for your services.

" El poder siempre ha estado
dentro de ti "

El mundo necesita ese talento que solo tú tienes.

Coaching and women's leadership

Audiovisual series created for - YMU - by: Fabiola León

TESTIMONIALS from those who have TRUSTED in us

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It is very simple

We organise, we record, we edit and

The value of this service is far greater than the price, but our goal is for you to make videos that work.

Impulsive decisions are destined to fail, that’s why you should meditate every step to minimize the risks, in CleMpasS.COm | Creative Lab – we want you to be fully confident in hiring our services and not regret it later.

For us the satisfaction guarantee means that at the end of our work you are fully satisfied with the final result, our ultimate goal is to establish a healthy, productive and lasting business relationship.

Your success is our success!

because your greatest HERITAGE is your experience!

CleMpasS.cOm | Creative Lab - by: AVE Sàrl-S - Luxembourg -