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Create your VIDEO COURSE and sell it online.

is a service oriented to entrepreneurs who want to PROFIT from their knowledge.

Do you want to know?

We help people to generate income based on their experience and knowledge.

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- The methodology is very simple -

Schedule a call

We generate a conversation to listen to your project and your needs, so we know how we can help you to create your tailor-made service.

We define the idea

We create synergies to define the purpose and intention of the project, what we want, what we are looking for and what we need.

We work on the objectives

After organising the ideas in mutual agreement, we set the schedule of activities for the shoot to edit and post-produce all the content.

VIDEO can position you as an authority in your discipline and you will be able to charge more for your services.

TESTIMONIALS from those who have TRUSTED in us

What if I told you that you can sell your online course long before you create it?

Would you believe it?

There is a launch formula to optimise the performance of each course and get paid before it is published.

1.- Create a BETA COURSE that speaks specifically to your target audience.

2.- Get mentees for your group mentoring and ensure that you are spending your time creating something that people will pay you to do.

3.- Turn group mentoring into a scalable course that can be sold to thousands of people on autopilot.

The value of this service is far greater than the price, but our goal is for you to make videos that work.

It is very simple

We organise, we record, we edit and THAT'S IT!

a service aimed at:

artists, scientists, coaches, joguis and ENTREPRENEURS in general...

Do you have doubts?


Yes, it doesn’t matter if you have a digital business, offline shop or you are a freelancer, video can make the difference between you and your competitors.


No, just knowing your business and your client is enough. The service is designed to do everything from scratch and you are the one who sets the limits. The more you know, the faster you will advance.


It is essential that you read everything before making the decision, which is why we always promote meetings prior to contracting the service to clarify all your doubts and concerns.

There are 3 ways to get involved



You choose the way, the time and the amount of times you need a consultancy until you finish your project in a professional way, an expert guide who will give you tasks for you to execute and learn all the parts that make up the process of pre-production, production and post-production.

This consultancy has no limits, here we will teach you exactly what you need and you will be able to go as deep into each process as you want.

With a minimum of 4 sessions of 1 hour distributed at your convenience, you will be able to consult any part of the process as many times as necessary. 


On the fly.

Here we take care of all the technical aspects in audio, video and photography, we do all the audiovisual recording and evaluation of the content, to control the entire process of audiovisual creation.

Here the client is in charge of providing the content and we take care of converting and packaging it into an audiovisual piece until its subsequent publication.

This accompaniment is 1:1, a face-to-face part and an online part, here we work with you hand in hand, you will know in detail each part of the process and where you have difficulties we do it for you.


All to 1


and 1 for everyone.

We do it directly for you, you give us the content guidelines, your objectives and we take care of everything, from creating the content, the pre, pro and post-production to its subsequent publication.

This is an ideal function for when there is a considerable volume of content or the client does not want to do each piece, so we do it directly for you.

This is more than an accompaniment, the whole team turns to your project to create it, edit it, produce it and publish it while you are in charge of approving each piece.


What does this service include?

Professional team

A team of specialists working exclusively on your project.

Many times we don’t know where to start or we don’t know how to organise an idea from start to finish, that’s where our knowledge and experience work for you.

We are a team of professionals from different areas of communication and graphic arts who approach each project from the beginning and from the conceptual, communicational, graphic and audiovisual point of view.

Pre, Pro y Post-Production

Many elements make up the audiovisual production.


In order to achieve a «well done» audiovisual piece, many elements necessary for each production, technical and artistic details, must be combined and organised.

After organising all these elements, the videos can be edited, the audio can be edited, the colouring can be done, the music can be produced and all the details can be fine-tuned for later publication.


Each video should be accompanied by other publications that promote your content.

To develop the right strategy for the promotion of your course or mentoring, several parallel publications should be made to arouse the interest of the target audience to whom the content is addressed.

Publications on social media, conferences or any other platform require professional photographic support from the author to enrich the content being promoted.

Impulsive decisions are destined to fail, that’s why you should meditate every step to minimize the risks, in CleMpasS.COm | Creative Lab – we want you to be fully confident in hiring our services and not regret it later.

For us the satisfaction guarantee means that at the end of our work you are fully satisfied with the final result, our ultimate goal is to establish a healthy, productive and lasting business relationship.

Your success is our success!

because your greatest HERITAGE is your experience!

CleMpasS.cOm | Creative Lab

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