El Grund de Luxemburgo

Without a doubt, this picturesque neighborhood is the main attraction photographically speaking of this sector of the city, here in every corner the traveler can find dreamlike and emblematic scenes of what Luxembourg is as a destination for photography lovers.

Good weather is the perfect ally to begin taking great images , whether you decide to show your trip in color or black and white, The Grund will offer a diverse range of possibilities, the important thing is that you visualize the images before you take them.

If you want to create a more detailed documentary, I recommend that you do as much research as you can, there is abundant bibliography on the internet so that you dont miss any relevant details, this is a very small neighborhood but with a lot of history and you can create an extensive project if so you wish.

As I mentioned previously, natural light and the climate in a country like Luxembourg is a factor that should always be considered, for this I recommend an application called SunsetWx, in it you will have access to know when sunrises and sunsets will be, weather and cloud coverage, fundamental data that can save you time and clicks in your task of registering or documenting The Grund.

Although The Grund is also known for its pubs and places of relaxation, it could be said that it is a fairly quiet place, here you can find amazing architecture, stone pavements and a river, elements that together give you photographs everywhere, on every corner. If you have a well-educated eye, you can take wonderful snapshots.

In my opinion as a travel photographer Grund is the perfect test laboratory to start a photographic trip through Luxembourg, a small country interconnected from end to end by a magnificent and totally free transport system, ideal for those who want to travel without having spend a ton of money.

When taking a photograph it is too important to walk through the entire viewfinder before clicking, it often happens that sometimes we concentrate on the center of the frame and forget the image as a whole, and it is already on the computer when we notice that many were neglected aspects of the image and the work of recomposing the image begins, which sometimes luckily it is possible, but many others not and when it comes to an archive of a trip, it is difficult to return to the site to correct perfectly avoidable errors.

The Grund is a site of legends, there the professional or amateur photographer has the beautiful opportunity to build an archive with content beyond the visual, it is a site to recreate history and take advantage of architectural elements transforming the photographic or audiovisual experience into a valuable document for those who seek to go beyond a simple accumulation of beautiful images for their memories.

The Grund is located in a valley that is below the city of Luxembourg and has a very interesting possibility of access that is through a panoramic glass elevator which allows, without having a drone, to obtain aerial images of the sector, which undoubtedly enriches the archive of those who wish to create a good visual document of the country.

Scarcely 1,000 people establish their residence in this privileged and ancient valley of the city, its main attraction is the Abbey of Neumunster – Neimenster, located on the banks of the Alzette river, an architectural jewel with a long history of reforms and changes of use, today a place of meetings and emblematic cultural center of the city.

To conclude, it could be said without fear of being wrong that The Grund is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Luxembourg, it is barely 3 km2 of UNESCO world heritage, which either by bike or on foot offers a fairly condensed summary of the visual offer of the Grand Duchy, an architectural gem of Western Europe.

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