To know is to love.

An educational campaign on Luxembourg's ornithological wealth.

An initiative with the potential to become the most far-reaching scientific dissemination project in the Grand Duchy.

Our mission is to turn the Eco-Sacs into a national educational symbol, transforming each bag into an information unit.

This powerful accessory will allow to take scientific knowledge out of its traditional spaces and to massify it in all areas of the Luxembourg society.

Our objective

To implement an educational campaign that will develop over two years a collectable series of 52 educational units showing a selection of Luxembourg’s resident, migratory and endangered birds.

– An interactive campaign –

The design of each bag includes a { QR } code that allows the user to access a landing page specifically designed for the campaign, where he/she will find a fact sheet and a video created to go deeper into aspects related to the ecology, distribution, threats and other aspects of interest of the published bird species.


To complement the fact sheet, the production of a micro-visual presentation of approximately one minute’s duration is planned, in which the user will finally be able to learn in depth about the status and ecological importance of each species.

The video shown below belongs to a project that was carried out for the City of Doral in the South of the United States.

(attached in order to recreate the format for Luxembourg).

In this way, the Eco-Sacs will become a powerful mechanism to bring scientific knowledge out of its traditional spaces and massify it in all spheres of Luxembourg society.

Product description

Who we are

We are Fabian and Clemente Passariello, the creators of the AVE Project Foundation, a non-profit organisation that has been dedicated to documenting the biodiversity of the American rainforests for more than 20 years. Today we are in Luxembourg activating new educational plans aimed at continuing our educational work in favour of the environment.

Some of the projects we have carried out

  1. 01. Collection Birds of the Andes 24/24 -120.000 specimens – Year 2005.
    02. Collection Birds of the Plains-24/24 -120000 copies -Year 2006.
    03. Collection Birds of Venezuela-17/17 – 30,000 specimens -Year 2007.
    04. Book 100 common birds of Táchira – 2000 specimens – Year 2007.
    05. Simón Bolívar National Conservation Award – Venezuela – 2007.
    06. Book 25 Thráupidos de Venezuela – 2000 specimens – Year 2008.
    07. Book 25 Venezuelan Hummingbirds – 2000 specimens – Year 2009.
    08. Book 50 Birds in Bodies of Water – 2000 copies – Year 2010.
    09. Colouring Books Butterflies of Venezuela – 10.000 copies – Year 2010.
    10. Colouring Books Birds of Venezuela – 10.000 copies – Year 2011.
    11. Colouring Books Mammals of Venezuela – 10.000 copies – Year 2012.
    12. Series of audiovisual documentaries Venezuela Verde 13/13- Year 2015.
    13. U.M.I.A.A – Mobile Unit for Alternative Environmental Research – Mobile School –